How car connectivity and synchronicity are the driving future.


Wedrive is a smart driving tool for safety and efficiently driving.
It use algorithms and connection between devices.

The big problem

The traffic jam and  decision making in the street is part of the daily life while in big cities. The non-fluent communication among drivers are the main troubles we aim to solve . Not everyone is able to afford a Tesla but smartphones, so, this is the best alternative to allow people link  and communicate while driving to find new routes to scape and get to their destination faster and easily.
Learn roads and patterns
Synchronize destinations with other drivers on the road and learn patterns.

The solution

Neural memory, management patterns and communication allow mitigating mishaps and saturation.The traffic jam is reduced by teaching the right path. Speed.
Drive more easier
The pairing of devices achieves the interpretation of the route and the destination and creates a harmony.
Smart driving for humans
Smart communication per to per.
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